J.N. Jorenku – Staldren

Description: A hygiene remedy in powder form which has a very broad effect against humidity, odor, bacteria and fungal spores.


  • Disinfectant and clean the stable environment, reduce the level of infection.
  • Phosphate free and pH neutral.
  • Binds the ammonia.
  • Absorbs humidity and moisture.


  • Calcium Carbonate, Chloramine-T, Pine Oil, Iron Oxide

Direction for use:

  • For all domestic animals. A handful (50-100g) per square meter is spread twice a week. This is sufficient to maintain a good and healthy environment in a production unit. In a very humid condition or in cases of heavy infection, it is recommended that Staldren is used more often.


  • 25 kg


  • J.N. Jorenku

Animal Target:

  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Ruminant