Zeus Biotech Ltd. (INDIA)

Harnessing the power of microbes

Zeus Biotech is a company that manufactures, markets and exports fermentative performance enhancers, immunostimulants, growth promoters, stress alleviators, feed specific single culture multi-enzyme complexes and multi-culture multi-enzyme complexes for poultry, piggery, dairy, aquaculture and companion animals. Zeus Biotech quality products include prebiotic, probiotic, enzymes, specific natural plant extracts, vitamin and organic trace minerals.View Zeus’s site

Mold Inhibitor & Toxin Binder

Zeus Biotech – Niltox
Description: Animal feed additive for complete mycotoxin control. Indication: Eradication of …


Organic Trace Mineral

Zeus Biotech – Chromisac
Description: Chromium peptide yeast complex. Indication: Improves FCR and ADG. Promotes …
Zeus Biotech – Laymore
Description: Feed additive for optimum laying performance. Indication: Reduces negative effects …
Zeus Biotech – Minpork
Description: An organic trace mineral complex. Indication: Increases lean meat …
Zeus Biotech – Selenosac-EC
Description: A natural immunomodulator for animal. Indication: Better metabolise energy …

Pre-Probiotic & Enzyme

Zeus Biotech – Microguard
Description: Probiotics, direct fed microbials Indication: Optimizes gut integrity and …