Optivite International Ltd. (UK)

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OPTIVITE_spotlightOptivite is the largest independent animal nutrition company in the UK. Specializing in the development and manufacture of non hazardous, drug free additives for the maintenance and enhancement of feed quality. Optivite quality products include vitamin mineral premixes, enzymes, specialist fats, antimicrobial, antioxidants, performance enhancers, protein concentrates, mycotoxin binders and organic feeds. View Optivite’s site


Anpario – Salgard
Description: Free carboxylic acids and buffered formic acid on a unique …

Multi-Nutrient & Supplement

Anpario – Optomega Powder
Description: Concentrated Omega 3 fatty acid supplement made from fish oil. …
Anpario – Oxigard
Description: A blend of highly effective and approved antioxidants. Indication: Protects …

Pre-Probiotic & Enzyme

Anpario – Multienzyme
Description: A blend of multienzymes complex powder. Indication: Optimises animal feed …

Mold Inhibitor & Toxin Binder

Anpario – Ultrabond
Description: A board spectrum mycotoxins binder. Indication: Assists in the control …