Novus International, Inc. (USA)

Performance through innovation

NovusInternational_spotlightNovus is a leading developer of animal health and nutrition programs for the poultry, piggery, beef, dairy, aquaculture and companion animal industries. Novus helps ‘feed the world affordable, wholesome food by supplying goods and services to leading commercial food producers worldwide through an ever-expanding portfolio of nutrition and health solutions for the animal feed and health industries’. Novus quality products include organic acids, organic trace minerals, prebiotic, probiotic, antioxidants and enzymes. View Novus’s site

Mold Inhibitor & Toxin Binder

Multi-Nutrient & Supplement

Compound Feed Additive

Novus – MHA
Description: An effective source of methionine activity with organic acid benefits. …

Pre/Probiotic & Enzymes

Novus – Activate DA
Description: A proprietary blend of organic acids and HMTBa. Indication: Helps …
Novus – Activate WD Max
Description: Combination of liquid organic and inorganic acids. Indication: Contains unique …
Novus – Cibenza DP100
Description: Heat stable and potent protease which improves dietary protein digestibility …